Hello,  from Omar and Bear,
(I'm hoping for more honey.)

 This is me in Agra, taking a ride with a friend, I feel a very proud Bear today, Omar letting me sit here all on my own. I am still looking for bees but as yet have seen none.
Oh for some honey. There must be bees in India somewhere!

We have Daffs in the garden and Spring is not even here yet? 
London 1990's .... Omar had often dreamed of travelling to far off lands. Not once in his wildest dreams did he think they  would be realized. Until one day he received a mystery parcel in the post.  On opening, he finds a letter address to him, inside the parcel with the letter,  a Bear waiting to be lifted out.  From that day on, his life and views of life started to change forever.

 In the corner of the room was a round rush basket.   Bear had
noticed it before. Beside the basket was an instrument of sorts, a long pipe with a bulbous centre, with holes along it.  The basket must have something fragile inside as it had been so gently placed on the floor.   The others had gone outside to watch the sun go down, Bear, lying beside the basket, decided to take a small peep.  He gently pushed up on the lid, his eyes peering into the darkness inside. To his horror, two eyes peered back.  A loud HISSSSSS froze him rigid. He felt hypnotised staring, staring straight at the thing.  Then, fast as lightning, he felt something slide around him, pulling him into the basket.

  The journey seemed endless. The noise, the smell, the sudden stops and starts terrified Bear. Then it came to an  end as abruptly as it had started, only this time Bear and Omar were shot in the opposite direction. Bear almost catapulted out of the back pack, held on only by his toes. Omar jumped up, at the same time jolting Bear back in position. The doors once again opened, and to Bear's relief, they jumped off.

"Well Bear, what do you think of the train ride? Cool or what?"  Bear was too shaken to think anything at all.



HI PAL, lift me out of this box, I have waited 20 years for you to lift me out, PLEASE........................ Now let me look at you!!!!!! Well Pal................ummmm